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Our clients love working with us, most of them hire us again for another project within the same year.

    • I found Jacob originally for website work, which he got done in less than 1.5 weeks. I then found out he does more than just websites, so I ended up hiring him full time for both of my companies. Over this time, he worked on the frontend of software that had 500+ active users. He also worked on a Chrome Extension and built several Discord bots. Jacob is someone that is trustworthy and communicative throughout the entire process. He goes above and beyond expectations. He is someone you can message and get a response within 15 minutes. If I ever need anything, the one person I turn to is this guy right here. 10 out of 10 for anyone looking for a developer.

      Ali Essayli
      Bandar's Bounties
    • Jacob was a very capable developer who worked really well within our team environment. He went above and beyond on our projects and contributed not just manpower but innovative ideas that helped solve difficult problems we had. He stuck to deadlines and was always available.

      Bereket Dereje
    • Jacob got referred to me originally to help me with my domains and website setup. I still hadn’t launched my business yet and there’s was a ton of work ahead. Turns out Jacob could do a lot more than domains and websites, and can do so competently. I was frustrated trying to do it all on my own, but after hiring Jacob he made things super easy and took care of all the heavy lifting. He helped me lay the infrastructure of my business to make sure it’s all integrated properly. I would highly recommend him for anyone considering or on the edge.

      Jason Essayli
      Advisor Referral Boost
    • I hired Jacob for a few small projects, like creating discord bots and website design and development. He was extremely efficient and supplied me with updates often. His work was meticulous and the code worked great. Jacob was eager to learn in order to complete the project, I strongly recommend hiring.

      Nirvan Panjwani
      Nirvan's Brickseek
    • Jacob provides timely and respectable work. He is always transparent of any issues that arise and is very helpful in designing new projects. Jacob articulates thorough updates consistently and we would never hesitate to work with him again.

      Michael Gazzo
    • Jacob built me a discord bot to help with my Discord server. His work was tremendous & The code worked great. I highly recommend hiring him when you need a developer.

      Nick Crowell
      Doctor Carbine
    • Jacob was a very consistent and reliable developer. Would not hesitate to work with him again.


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